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What does this skin-care gift set consist of;

  • 1x Aloe Vera Konjac Sponge
  • 1x Premium Vitamin C Serum
  • 1x Eyelash Growth Serum
  • 6x Small Reusable Pads

Aloe Vera Konjac Sponge;

  • 100% Natural, 
  • 100% Biodegradable, 
  • Paraben-Free, 
  • Colourless, 
  • Additive-Free, 
  • Untested on Animals.

Our konjac sponges are made of plant fibres extracted from the plant of the same name that has been used for a very long time in Asia especially Japan and Korea.

It is offered here in an enriched version with Aloe Vera known for its softening, moisturizing and regenerating properties that will bring an even more pleasant sensation even to the most sensitive skin.

Tips for use:

  1. Leave the Konjac sponge in lukewarm water for 3 to 5 minutes. Once it is soft, gently massage your face, décolleté or body with or without a cleanser. 

      2. Rinse the Konjac sponge thoroughly after each use and keep it in a dry, clean                place.

Reusable, keep away from light and humidity, in a cool, dry place away from food.

The Konjac sponge with Aloe Vera is suitable for all skin types.

 Summary of konjac sponge with this skincare gift set:

- All skin types.

- Softening, moisturizing and regenerating.

- Biodegradable, without dye or additives.

- Cleans and exfoliates in depth.

- Balances the pH of the skin.

Premium Vitamin C Serum;

This serum contains vitamin c and hyaluronic acid which are key ingredients to help the production of collagen and brighten your complexion.

 It does this by encouraging the production of collagen within the skin which is a protein responsible for the elasticity of the skin. 

So, to use more or produce more collagen will help to keep your skin elasticated and reduce wrinkle appearance. 

It is recommended you apply this serum before moisturizer and after you've washed your face.

The Vitamin C in the serum makes for smooth skin and reduced acne and acne scars as the Vitamin C  help to heal wounds more quickly.

Eyelash Growth Serum;

  • This serum is all-natural that help your lashes grow 2-3x their original length.
  • This formula conditions while strengthening your lashes to make them full, thick, and long.
  •  This is all-natural and has no brutal synthetic substances. 

 Each ingredient is used because of the amazing benefits they have towards stimulating hair growth. This special blend gives astounding results. Some see results within days but o see the significant difference we recommend you wait for a week.

Reusable Cotton Pads

  •  Zero Waste, Vegan Friendly,
  •  Organic, 
  • Washable, 
  • Eco- Friendly, Plastic Free

-White pads for applying toner and moisturiser, ideal for daily makeup removal

-Three layers of fabric to avoid excessive absorption of water or cleaning products

-All pads in perfect size: 8cm (3.15 inch). Compact size to refresh and cleanse on the go: travel, gym, school or at the beach

-For all genders, ages and skin types, even sensitive baby skin

-PLASTIC FREE: Our pads are 100% organic bamboo cotton fabric. They don't contain polyester (Which can be found in most pads)

-great alternative for cotton wool pads or face wipes

-100% recyclable packaging


How to use them?

1. Wash before the first use

2. Dip into warm water and wipe away the makeup in a circular motion

3. Repeat until your skin is clean and fresh

4. Put the dirty pads into the laundry bag and then into the washing machine at 40°c or wash by hand.

5. To dry, you can either put them on a dry towel, a flat surface or hang them up by using their tags

6. If you want to, you can iron them at a low temperature


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