Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

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Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

6 Pads with bag or 12 Pads with bag 

You Can Choose From Plain White Or Charcoal Infused You Can Mix Them Half And Half Eg. 6 Charcoal and 6 Plain White

With bulk orders you get a bag with every set of 12 Makeup Pads

Size Plain White - 8cm   70% Bamboo 30% Cotton

Size Charcoal - 8cm  80% Bamboo 20% Cotton, Infused with Charcoal 

  • Eco Friendly Use Over & Over Again
  • Comes With A Laundry Bag For Washing
  • Organic And Natural Material
  • Anti-Allergy


You can buy extra Cotton Laundry Bags here if required

They're made from cotton and bamboo fibres, the sustainable reusable makeup remover pads are gentle on the skin yet give a deep wash and can be washed and used again, helping to reduce daily waste and excess packaging especially when at this moment in time it is important to keep the planet as clean from plastic and disposable goods as much as possible.

Ergonomically-speaking, bamboo is a type of grass – not a wood! The tropical plant has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is, therefore, suitable for all skin types. Plus, many bamboo species grow extremely fast, some even up to one metre per day, making these makeup removing pads extra sustainable.

Apply your preferred cleansing product to a bamboo reusable makeup pad and gently stroke over face and neck. Remember to wash the pad before and after each use at 30º.

Although quick and convenient, makeup wipes are rubbish for our skin!

Rather than properly removing makeup, they tend to smear the product across the skin, instead of actually lifting it from the skin and removing it completely.

Reusable make up remover pads uk , however, will remove the product from the skin.

They're also bad for the environment

Single-use makeup remover wipes are made up of a huge amount of plastic, which can take hundreds of years to break down, playing a huge role in the amount of waste going into landfill.

On top of that, lots of makeup wearers tend to flush used cleansing wipes and cotton pads, causing sewer blockages and ocean pollution, impacting water quality and sea life, using Reusable Cotton Pads is far more sustainable 

While disposable products may be a more convenient option when it comes to removing our make up, for the sake of the environment and our skin use reusable facial cleansing cloths because they're a far better option than their less eco-friendly counterparts. Plus, they’re a far more inexpensive option for the long term.

The wash bag prevents a pad from being lost during the wash cycle and is also great for gathering the used pads.

With our 100% natural and reusable bamboo pads, remove your make-up thoroughly from light to heavy makeup, again and again.

These best reusable makeup pads also help to care for the environment as well as your skin whether it be oily, dry or sensitive it is suitable.

They have not been dyed therefore are suitable for your face whether it be sensitive or not.

How To Clean Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable cotton pads can be washed on a 30 degree wash using the cotton laundry bag provided but for real stubborn makeup stains a tip is to use Charcoal Toothpaste wet the pad first then just squeeze some charcoal toothpaste onto the stain and rub it in until it disappears then repeat on the other side .

Why are these the best makeup remover pads?

We are aware there are many other websites selling these same products. so what is it that makes ours better. For one ours have 3 layers to them making to quality much better. We also give away a laundry bag with ours so that when you've used your pads you can wash an reuse. 

What are the main benefits of these reusable charcoal pads? 

  • They're reusable: This means you do not have to keep purchasing the usual cotton rounds. Therefore, these pads are more convenient as they are washable. Which means, once you have removed your make-up, you can put these into the wash. To be used again after they've dried.
  • These have been infused with charcoal: The pads containing charcoal in them is beneficial. Charcoal is a natural detoxifier. Which means it cleanses your skin of any bacteria trapped within your pores. Giving you a superradiant look.
  • They're antibacterial: Charcoal is also an antibacterial. This allows for the reusable pad to stay clean and to prevent breakouts from the bacteria that would have built up in the pad.
  • They take off tough makeup effortlessly: Certain types of makeup such as waterproof mascara can be super hard to take off with a regular cotton round or reusable cotton round. 

Why buy these charcoal-infused reusable makeup pads instead or regular reusable makeup pads?

There are a few reasons to get these pads instead of the bamboo cotton reusable pads. One reason being these pads are much more efficient at removing tough makeup. These pads are also super soft to touch and also are a great exfoliate. Which helps to remove dead skin. Leaving you with a smooth-skinned face.

However, this is not to say that the regular reusable pads are not as good at removing tougher makeup. Instead, they are more suitable for water-soluble makeup.

These pads also come with a free washbag for the pads to be washed in. 


If you are interested in buying Wholesale Reusable Makeup Remover Pads then you can drop the box down to select the quantity at the top of the page and select the amount you want and add to basket its that simple. We have them with logo and without so please state which Pads you prefer. However, if you would like to buy more than the options in the drop box gives please don't hesitate and give us an email and we will get back to you with prices appropriate to your desired amount ASAP.


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Marion B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Face pads

Lovely soft feel and absorbancy superb. Haven't washed them yet..

Yasmin P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Really nice and soft! I was after some new reusable cotton pads after my Amazon ones (which are nowhere as good as this quality) have gone a bit rough. For the price of these and the quality of the pads are amazing! I keep on recommending them to my friends. You get quality and you know you’re helping the planet! ☺️

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great products, great service

Great experience

A the willow trader Customer
Anna T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Perfect - just what I needed.