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Microfiber Makeup Pad

This listing is for washable super soft reusable face makeup pads which are made from soft microfibers. These are super soft so great for sensitive skin and to use around the eye area.

SIZE- 12cm diameter.

It has no harmful dyes in it as it is white. 

The fibres it is made up of are up to 200 times finer than your actual facial hairs. Which ensures a super deep clean.

Why these pads are better than ordinary pads.

  • better fit the skin
  • clean every pore and corner
  • can be used on both sides
  • easy to clean 
  • can be used hundred's of times.
  • has a hanging rope for easy keeping
  • it is clean and sanitary
  • Can be washed for re use 

Because of the microfibers, it can remove light to super heavy make-up.

It is also the perfect base to add cleansers to. To make sure the make-up is completely off.

These are a great alternative to disposable face wipes, these can just be thrown in the washing machine and then they're ready to use again. 

Not only does is that better for the environment as the waste is not going out to oceans and killing sea life but is also great for saving money as you won't need as many.

TO WASH rinse well after use, hand or machine wash at 60c. It is recommended that you place the face wipes in a small bag when washing in a machine so they don't get lost. 

How to Use it.

Eye makeup remover:

1. Wetting it with warm water.

2. Hold the puff over your eye for a few seconds and gently wipe.

Facial makeup remover:

1. Wetting it with warm water.

2. Swipe over your face and flipping the pads over and over until all makeup is removed.

Reusable makeup remover pads are perfect for travelling around with as they do not require a cleanser or other make remover product to take the makeup up off saving you lots of space within your carry on. However that's not to say you cannot use any type of make up removing soap like micellar water or a cleanser.

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