Adjustable Back Posture Corrector Unisex

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Titan Back Brace Shoulder Support

Ever been at your office desk and feel that annoying pain in your back area. Its been a long day, you have 4 hours of work left and your hungry, exhausted and want to go home. Then all of a sudden your back starts to feel the pain. Well if it is back pain its most likely to do with your posture. Our Titan back posture corrector align your back in a way that allows you to sit comfortably. Its made of neoprene which means it's a breathable material so that you don't feel stuffy and warm in your office, it's also a thin material therefore you can wear it underneath your clothes. After so long wearing the back posture corrector UK becomes habit and you start to not notice you're actually wearing it.

  • Made for comfort using 100% breathable Neoprene to prevent sweating
  • Adjustable with easy Velcro straps
  • Fits both men and women up to 48" chests
  • You can wear underneath or on top of clothing even white shirts
  • You can improve your posture at work or whilst relaxing at home
  • Unisex Posture Corrector for men and women

If you suffer from a bad Posture and as a consequence have a bad back or shoulders then improving your Posture could significantly help. Wearing a Titan Back Posture Corrector for just a few hours a day will help retrain your Muscles and realign your Spine.


Slip your hands through the hoops and put over your head until it sits on your shoulders.

 Below are some advantages of wearing a Titan Back Posture Corrector.

  • Better Posture Will Improve Your Breathing And Circulation

  • Good Posture Also Makes The Digestion System More Affective 

  • Improved Posture Will Reduce Your Back and Shoulder pain

  • Increases confidence and improves overall outlook on life

For people with even the slightest of postural problems, the posture corrector brace can help. It can prevent these issues from becoming more entrenched, larger and more painful further down the road. If you suffer from headaches, stiff neck or shoulders, that are from bad posture, it’s definitely worth looking into the use of a posture brace.

Some people may have had an accident or illness that is aggravated by poor posture. In these situations, a posture brace can help with rehabilitation. Its use will mean less pressure on the spine and body, and an opportunity to fully heal without the pain that could come from irritation or further injury.

People who have a neck or back injury and are in the early stages of recovery can significantly benefit from a posture brace.

Brace posture correctors are often not given long enough chance for these posture corrector to really work you ought to use it for a minimum for 2 weeks consistently for long periods of time per day to see true results. 

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