Wholesale Teeth Whitening Strips

Why buy wholesale from us?

We are an eco-friendly business that believes in sustainable and bio-degradable manufacturing. 

All our products are made from natural materials that have been farmed ethically. Even all our packaging is biodegradable even when your order wholesale so they are suitable for vegan customers.

Whether you're new to the idea of ethically-conscious buying or you're very enthusiastic about a whole range of ethical issues that influence what you buy, those values are personal to you and we're here to make it easier for you. We strive to protect our planet and make efforts to find eco-friendly options to everyday items that do as little harm to the environment as attainable. 

If your looking to buy wholesale teeth whitening strips then click below and select quantity from drop down box - https://thewillowtrader.co.uk/products/28-teeth-whitening-strips If you require larger quantities then email - thewillowtrader@gmail.com 

What wholesale options are there for teeth strips:

There are 2 variations of teeth strips:

  1. 28 teeth strips which contain 14 sachets of 1 upper strip and 1 lower strip for the bottom and top set of your teeth.
  2. 14 strips which contain 7 sachets of 1 upper strip and 1 lower strip for the bottom and top set of your teeth.

We offer any amount you would like of each variation whether that be 20, 40 and 5 sets of 24 or 14 teeth strips. The amount you require we can do it. 

If when trying to select an option that isn't one of the options on the dropbox. Just email us @thewillowtrader@gmail.com with your required amount and your contact details including your name and phone number.

What is the process of buying Teeth Strips

Option 1: If you require no more than 20 sets of either 24 or 14 strips then there is the option of either 1,2,5,10 or 20 sets

Once you have selected your chosen amount we dispatch it straight to you with no fuss.

Option 2: If you require more than the amounts on the dropbox than all you have to do is email us at thewillowtrader@gmail.com with how many of the strips you like and of which quantity you would like and some contact information your name and phone number and we will get back to you the same day via mobile or email with some prices. Once you have confirmed prices and amounts we will send off your delivery straight away.

We are offering these teeth whitening strips best for that Hollywood smile and will allow you to achieve that healthy, white, sparkling set of teeth you deserve.

What types of stains are these teeth whitening strips perfect for:

• Removing both extrinsic and intrinsic tooth stains.

• Tea/Coffee stains

• Stains from tobacco

• Stains that have evolved with age

• Stains caused by medication

The strip has a whitening agent in the form of a gelatinous gel which contains the sodium carbonate. As well as whitening your teeth theses strips come with other benefits for one they help to improve the scent of your breath by masking it with its minty fresh scent.

The ingredients include;

Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Deionized Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carbomer

Carboxymethyl, Triethanolamine, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Menthol

Step 1 - Taking an edge, pull the soft strips off the plastic film, face the gel side to the surface of the tooth.

Step 2 - Looking in a mirror, align the straight edge of the strip to the top gum, gently press & adjust the strip with a finger, making it completely adhere to the tooth surface

Step 3 - Repeat step 2 using the second strip to the lower gum.

Step 4 - Remove the whitening strips (moisten if required) & discard after 30 minutes; do not use again.

Step 5 - Clean off any remaining gel residue by gargling & brushing your teeth.

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