About Willow Trader

 Here at The Willow Trader we’ve made it our mission to enable you to make feel good choices when it comes to your shopping. To help you make the choices you feel are right we bring together products that hold the ethical credentials we know are important to our customers. Whether you're new to the idea of ethically-conscious buying or you're very passionate about a whole range of ethical issues that affect what you buy, those values are personal to you and we are here to make it easier for you. We strive to protect our planet, and make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items that do as little harm to the environment as possible. Our sustainable products are crafted with renewable materials & processes, including organic & recycled materials such as charcoal, bamboo and stainless steel. From Bamboo Toothbrushes to Posture Correctors we can provide you with a range of everyday essentials which are of the best quality, 100% vegan-friendly and animal cruelty free.

We provide a 'go to' resource for everyday people, like ourselves who are desirous to cut back the number of plastic products they often use. We all know there is an extended way to go to shift the disposable and single-use plastic mind-set globally, both from manufacturers and customers but the renaissance is certainly gathering momentum with so many vital global movements and projects happening worldwide.


Today and solely in Europe over 1,000million plastic toothbrushes are created each year. And over 5,000 million worldwide. And most of them go on to lowland. Just a small fraction is actually recycled.

Still a word on bamboo, apart from being a 100% bio material is additionally a fairly smart one. Bamboo is the quickest growing plant on earth. It’s  naturally an antibacterial drug therefore it doesn’t want pesticides or fertilizers and it desires only a small amount of water to grow which is why we base many of our products on this particular resource.

Our journey is just beginning. We are trying to help the zero-waste movement grow. Making zero-waste swaps as well as sharing information on how to decrease your eco-footprint.

Many disposable plastic straws, are used daily and are placed in nearly every single drink you order from a bar, restaurant or fast food joint whether or not you ask for one or not. That's why we provide stainless steel straws a environmentally friendly alternative


However we can't save the environment all on our own which is why we need your help, it is up to everyone to make small, but meaningful changes.


Our aim at the Willow Trader is to assist you become more sustainable in your homes, however additionally to enhance sustainability round the world, and improve the world for all of us.

We all ought to create the right choice, people power will create a big difference.