Health & Personal Care

The importance of eco-friendly health and personal care products couldn’t be more significant. Currently, many of the everyday products we use are packaged in or made from single-use plastics that take hundreds of years to break down. The products themselves usually contain nasty chemicals such as, parabens, that can cause redness and allergic reactions. BPAs or Plalathates that have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. And fragrance or perfume which is a “cluster ingredient”, and can be made up of thousands of different harsh chemicals.

Making eco-friendly health and personal care choices are undoubtedly good for you and the environment. While they may cost slightly more, the products are higher quality, aren’t packaged in unrecyclable plastics and don’t contain any hidden nasties. 

We offer a growing range of eco-friendly products that are made from natural ingredients, organic where possible and packaged in recyclable packaging. One of the most problematic health and personal care products we use are plastic-stemmed cotton buds. They are a significant contributor to the global marine plastic problem, damaging the marine environment, posing a risk to public health from contact on beaches and risking health further when fragments of plastic enter the food chain. Our bamboo cotton buds are a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative. These vegan-friendly natural wooden earbuds are 100% biodegradable and one of the small, sustainable choices you can make to save our planet. 

Another one of our best selling products is our eyelash growth serum. This natural and organic serum has been formulated to enhance and condition your eyelashes and eyebrows, leaving them looking longer, thicker and healthier. It’s packed full of natural minerals and vitamins to nourish and condition your lashes from the root to tip. The eyelash growth serum works by activating the dormant hair follicle germ tissue, stimulating and promoting rapid growth of eyelashes, giving a noticeable improvement in density, length and thickness of Eyelashes in just 2 - 3 weeks. Discover our full range of health and personal care products below. We are always expanding our ranges, so be sure to check back regularly.