7 Benefits to Using Micellar Water

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Micellar Water- Micellar water is a multi-purpose skincare commodity that has become a preference amongst beauty gurus and dermatologists alike. It is made utilising purified water, moisturizers like glycerine, and gentle surfactants, which are compounds used for cleansing.

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There are many ways to remove makeup up to name a few;

  • plain old water
  • disposable makeup remover wipe 
  • makeup remover

What's to say micellar water is the best.

Well micellar water is not only a makeup remover it has many other benefits such as;

Promotes hydration within the skin cells 

Micellar water contains an ingredient called glycerine. Glycerine is by definition is a simple polyol compound. It is a colourless, odourless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. The glycerine resolution is found in those lipids known as glycerides. Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties, it is widely used in FDA approved wound and burn treatments as well as skincare cosmetics. Usually, in skincare cosmetics, it acts as a moisture-retaining product. 

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As it states on Healthline there was a study in which entailed a group of people whose skin has glycerine applied to it and the results showed that 'it was effective at restoring skin hydration and enhancing the skins natural barrier function'. It is also said glycerine helps wounds to heal and if this is the case it will prove effective when it comes to healing acne scars. Glycerine has been shown to increase the permeability of the skin as well, which can enhance the effectiveness of the cleansing compounds in micellar water.

Micellar water contains surfactants which tend to be much more mild and less irritating towards the skin which can be suitable for people with a dry or sensitive skin type.

The bottom line: Glycerine within micellar water keeps the skin hydrated by retaining moisture. It is suitable for all skin types due to mild and less irritating surfactants contained within it.


Removes excess dirt from the skin

We all know that micellar water is typically used as a facial cleanser and helps to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the face.

The science behinds it shows that the micelles contained within the water are effective at removing this excess dirt and makeup. Micelles are by definition 'A micelle is an aggregate of surfactant particles separated in a liquid, creating a colloidal suspension. A normal micelle in liquid makes a total with the hydrophilic "leader" regions in connection with circling solvent, separating the hydrophobic single-tail regions in the micelle centre. 

Micelles also have the ability to make your skin more permeable which allows cleansers to reach into your skin deeper which therefore cleanse your skin more effectively.

The bottom line: Micellar water is usually used to remove makeup, dirt and oils from your face. It allows for a more deep cleanse than any other cleansers.


It works for all skin types

Versatile and well suited for all skin types micellar water is incredible. Dry, oily, combination, sensitive or even with a condition like rosacea eczema or psoriasis do not worry micellar water is suitable for you.

For those of you with sensitive skin, we understand that it is difficult to find products that are suited to your skin without damaging it. Which is why micellar water is so perfect for you.

Micellar water doesn't contain any perfumes, high levels of alcohol or irritants so no need to worry about a breakout. 

This willow trader micellar water, in particular, does not use perfumes of any kind but instead to add scent uses rose water which is also beneficial for hyperpigmentation.

Rosewater has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years, so it's no surprise that it can improve your complexion and reduce skin redness. The antibacterial properties may help reduce acne. The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin redness and puffiness. resulting in an even skin tone.

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the bottom line: Micellar water can be applied on all skin type. It may be particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin, as it can help reduce skin inflammation and irritation. Rosewater has added benefits to micellar water including the fact that it is antibacterial.


It Prevents Acne

Micellar water can help to keep your skin clear from the likes of acne, blocked pores and blemishes that just won't leave. Acne as you probably already know is caused by excess dirt and oil blocking your pores. With this being said we know that micellar water is great at removing this excess dirt and oil. Which in turn will help to reduce acne and cysts from appearing.

Micellar water can also be used with a bamboo makeup remover pad which gets rid of the need to use a washcloth or flannel which can easily spread germs and bacteria left from the previous removal of makeup.

To really keep your skin clear you could also use a cleansing soap afterwards with our konjac sponges for an effective cleanse.

The bottom line:

Micellar water can assist in removing dirt and oil. Which may improve prevent blocked pores and pimples to keep skin clear. Micellar water is best applied with makeup up remover pad and most effective when using a cleanser afterwards also.


It is easy to travel with

Considering micellar water has so many benefits. It would be great if you could just take it with you everywhere the truth is you can. Especially with this willow trader one. Because it is only 125ml it can fit easily into a travel bag, toiletry bag, makeup bag and a coat pocket if needs be.

As well as being portable it also is a 3 in 1. It cleanses. It tones. It removes makeup. This can free up space in anyone's skincare storage.

It is also great for taking on the plane with you> which will allow you to keep your skin feeling fresh in an environment which can make you skin feel rather dry and tight.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no access to running water yet you need to take off your makeup? With micellar water, there is no need for it.

The bottom line:

Micellar water can substitute several other products in your skincare routine, and it’s manageable, easy to use, and convenient.


It can also be used as an eye makeup remover

Most eye makeup is usually of a high concentration of pigment which means it can be harder to remove the said face makeup e.g foundation. Which is why you will normally see a separate bottle of eye make-up remover from the facial makeup remover. 

It is usually in a separate bottle because it has to be of a low alcohol amount as the eye can be easily irritated and harmed as well as this it has to be effective when taking off the likes of mascara and eyeshadows. 

Micellar water, however, is capable of taking off the eye makeup, As well as the face as the ingredients are more mild. Which also allows you to take off the eye makeup more efficiently.


It's environmentally friendly 

To apply micellar its best to use a bamboo cotton pads as the most environmentally friendly option. However, even using a regular cotton pad would be more environmentally friendly than using disposable make-up wipes.


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