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 With the global movement to reduce plastic waste, people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. Sustainable reusable straws. It's essential that we find a replacement for plastic straws because they are disposable and not reused. The industry does offer some usable alternatives to disposable plastic straws and many of them are even made using sustainable materials such as bamboo and edible or other plant-based materials.

pasta and bamboo straws

Let's take a look at some sustainable alternatives to plastic straws that you should consider:

  • Reusable
  • Sustainable Straws.
  • Bamboo Straws- bamboo grows very quickly and straws made from bamboo are highly bio-degradable. They can be used in cold or hot drinks, and some bamboo straws are reusable and can be cleaned with brush.
  • Stainless Steel Straws- stainless steel straws can be recycled very easily and they are durable.

Stainless steel straws are stylish and reusable, made of food grade stainless steel and are both dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Glass Straws- glass straws are often made from recycled glassware. However, make sure to choose BPA-free glass straws that are made from pure, uncontaminated glass.

Glass straws are affordable, although they are not as durable as stainless steel straws.

Silicone Straws- silicone straws are another example of reusable, sustainable straws and many people like them for their flexibility and durability. However, silicone straws are still not as strong, or easy to clean as stainless steel straws.

Sustainable, Non-Reusable Straws. Pasta Straws- edible pasta straws are made of flour and they are very cheap. They don't change the taste of your drinks and won't disintegrate as easily, compared to other edible straws. An increasing number of manufacturers are currently making straws of elongated, hollow pasta. These are ideal for both cold and warm drinks.

However, pasta straws may not be suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Algae Straws- algae straws are made of seaweed, water and binding ingredients. They are safe and calorie-free.

Algae straws disintegrate underwater in just 24 hours, making them extremely bio-degradable. However, algae straws are quite rare compared to other edible straws and can be more expensive. Sustainable straws can be disposable, reusable, recyclable or edible, depending on your preferences and situation. Save the environment and choose the eco-friendly straws that suit your needs.

During 2019 it was reported that 8.3 billion plastic drinking straws pollute our world's oceans. This means that millions of marine species are having their food and habitats ruined. If you think that's horrific just hear these shocking facts of 2020;

straw in a turtles nose

  • 100,000 sea creatures and 1 million seabirds die each year from being tangled in plastic
  • 100% of baby sea turtles contain plastic within their stomachs
  • 50% of this is single-use plastic and only 9% has ever been recycled
  • Britain contributes an estimated 1.7 million tonnes of plastic annually
  • By 2020 the number of plastic is in the sea will be higher than the number of fish
  • The world produces 381 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. This is predicted to double by 2034 With all the problems growing in the ocean.


plastic rubbish and plastic straws in the ocean


The Willow Trader are offering you a much more eco-friendly alternative of your much beloved plastic straws.

We have created this stainless steel straw which is suitable for all types of drink.

Instead of the paper disposable straws which are reducing acres of trees, ruining the habitats of many species, disintegrating within the first minute of sipping your drink and aren't as versatile as they cannot be used within hot drinks. Not only are these stainless steel straws  more eco-friendly, they are dishwasher safe meaning they can be reused all the time.

This metal alternative travel size meaning it can be taken out into town , not only is it more aesthetically pleasing it would also make for a perfectly eco-friendly gift.

Other alternatives of straws include;

Silicone Straws

Silicone Straws are made of non harmful food grade silicone polymer. silicone polymer may be a non-plastic BPA free material that has distinctive properties that create it a perfect material for drinking straws and an alternative kitchen utensil. every batch of silicone polymer used to create silicone Straws is inspected for quality and purity by the authority and ROHS.

Are Silicone Straws Safe?

Silicone straws are free from BPA, BPS, Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, PBBs, and alternative harmful carcinogens commonly related to plastic straws. Further, silicone may be a very stable material, this suggests it doesn’t leach chemicals once exposed to temperature variations and liquids the way coated metal and plastic does.

Silicone is additionally versatile, soft, and bendy. this suggests they don’t cause a risk of broken teeth, eye pokes and throat gouges once drinking.

In recent years there are lawsuits filed that revolve around children obtaining gouged by hard straws made of plastic, glass, and metal. silicone polymer is soft enough to bite down on, nonetheless rigid enough to resist tears.

What is silicone polymer exactly?

Many people believe that silicone polymer straws are made of a kind of plastic or plastic rubber. this can be false. silicone straws are made of silicon, a singular material that has no relation to harmful plastic. silicone material is created primarily from the part silicon.

Plastic is created from crude, food grade silicone uses no plastic or crude base. For a lot of info on the silicone polymer we have a tendency to use, like the FDA and ROHS report, please reach intent on United States.

Glass Drink Straws

These straws are handmade from non-toxic glass that's safe for drinking hot or cold drinks through. they're one by one examined before packaging to ascertain for breakages, that are unlikely on condition that this can be constant thick glass utilized in science labs and for the favoured glass plates.

Obviously, if you drop them onto a hard floor, they will break, however they’re reliable for day-to-day-use. At 23cm high, they’re best used with taller glasses, whereas the various coloured tips provide them attractiveness and make it easy to remember which drink is yours. They will go in the dishwasher, however 2 full-length brushes are included to get rid of any clogging.

Being clear, it’s simple to tell once they’re properly clean, creating these straws a high alternative for anyone involved concerning attainable health implications.

The outcome in my opinion the most sustainable, robust and hygienic straw is the Stainless Steel Straw.

10 stainless steel straws with 2 cleaning brushes


Bottom Line;

You can feel guilt free using these eco straws.


  • plastic free
  • of food grade
  • BPA free
  • eco-friendly
  • long lasting
  • washable
  • reusable
  • stylish

What more could you wan tin straws that are not only suitable for big gatherings but also for personal use.

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