Why Should We Be Using Metal Straws?

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So are metal straws really the best alternative to plastic straws?

To answer the question YES. Plastic Straws are a single-use plastic meaning it takes over 100 years for it to degrade itself and the only other option is to incinerate it. Therefore, metal straws being made of metal means, it can help to reduce the number of straws being used daily and here are several reasons how and why.

It Helps To Save Wildlife 

Everyone knows about plastic and how it is being overused.
Its ability to be shaped into anything as well as its durability has meant that since the 1960s it has become increasingly popular.

Today, plastic is used in almost everything, it comes in the form of bottles to phone cases. Despite this, the overuse of plastic over the years has now lead to a crisis that affects all of us.

One of the most popular forms of plastic is straws.
Perfect for keeping lipstick in place yet dangerous to our marine life.

So how do these straws end up in the sea?

Every day in the US alone over 500 million straws are used. Yes, that's right 500 million. Shocking. I know.

For the straws to be made themselves harmful gases to the environment have to be used which just adds to the crisis that is global warming.

Straws are light and thin they are easily blown out of bins or thrown on the floor which eventually leads to the ocean which is where the damage is done.

Due to the chemical structure of plastic, it cannot break down easily. However, when it does these smaller bits of plastic are known as 'micro-plastics' which are the most harmful in oceans. This is because of a lot of small marine life such as plankton mistake the micro-plastic for food.

Once the plankton consumes this micro-plastic it then is consumed by smaller fish which are consumed by bigger fish which then are consumed by turtles and larger marine mammals.

So once these animals consume the plastic their stomachs start to swell due to microplastic this leads to any actual food they eat to not be able to enter the body and therefore the animals die in the pain of starvation.

Turtle with straw stuck in its nose

If a marine animal is lucky not to consume this microplastic is still has a 70% chance of being caught up with the plastic straws which for turtles can cause airways to be blocked leading to suffocation or just making the rest of the animal's life uncomfortable until their death.

Research shows that 70% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have consumed plastic. Saddening isn't it? and all for the sake of using a plastic straw.

Stainless steel straws on the other hand. Are great. For one they do not need to be disposed of, which means no turtles are being harmed or any other marine life for that matter. Which is why its the obvious best choice.



They're Reuseable. 

Metal straws are made with a relatively simple manufacturing process. They originate from stainless steel tubing of different diameters and are cut to length.

Then, they are cleaned and finished (especially important to avoid any sharp edges). Your straws should arrive polished and smooth at the ends.

 Cheap versions may not be finished as professionally and could be inconsistent in quality. Because they're made of stainless steel it means that they can be cleaned easily using the 2 brush cleaners we provide for you when buying the straws.

All you have to do is once you have used the straws rise them with hot water then using a little soap and hot water insert the brush cleaner into the straw and get rid of any remaining drink and clean the inside of the straw and they'll be as good as new.

If you're worried about the straw oxidising and rusting. Don't because these straws are 100% rust free.

They're Budget-Friendly.

If you are a plastic straw user. Then if you were to use one straw every day for a year you would spend around £10 on straws.

We are offering 10 straws and 2 brush cleaners for the price of £7.99 which is not only slightly cheaper but much more guilty free when purchasing as well. So, in the long run, they are cheaper and only ever have to be bought once.

Pack of 10 stainless steel straws with 2 cleaning brushes

They're Safe and Easy.

Unlike glass or bamboo straws other environmentally friendly alternatives to stainless steel straws. the straw is more likely to break if it is glass which can cause cuts and can be dangerous especially towards children.

Bamboo ones usually have a wider hole which you suck from making it difficult to drink a good amount from. However, the bamboo does easily break down as it is, after all, a grass which means it can rot and be a perfect breeding ground for bacterias making it unsanitary. It is easier than plastic straws as you don't have to buy as many.

They're Aesthetically Pleasing.

These metal straws can also be just as aesthetically pleasing as any patterned plastic or paper straw out there. There a multicoloured iridescent ones. Who doesn't like that?. The multi-coloured aspect can also appeal to many children making it super fun. These straws can be super good for weddings, parties, hen dos. Anything really. They even look great in cocktails and milkshakes too.

Travel Worthy.

Being short, long and thin there the perfect size to fit into any bag or purse. Which is great for nights out or picnics with the family or even for whipping out whilst in a restaurant.

Who knows you may be the first to start the trend.

Seeing just how cute they are all your friends and family will want one. It even comes with a cotton pouch which you can place the straw in whilst it's in your bag for hygiene purposes.

Produce Less Waste In Landfill.

There are landfills everywhere and there is no doubt that plastic is the single largest component.

Lets just put this into perspective the world collectively produces 335 million metric tonnes of plastic every year.

That's right you heard me 355 million metric tonnes.

Scary right?.

What's even scarier is that there are 8.3 billion metric tonnes already just floating about in our oceans killing marine life and 25.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic straws alone comes from Europe a year.

Only a small fraction of it is actually recycled with some of it ending up in the ocean and some of it piling up in landfills.

Pie chart to show what happens to plastic when disposed of

What is even more of a problem is that the plastic is made from polymers, which are long molecules built around chains of carbon atoms, typically with hydrogen, oxygen, sulphur, and nitrogen filling in the spaces.

You can think of a polymer as a big molecule made by repeating a small bit called a monomer over and over again; "poly" means many, so "polymer" is simply short for "many monomers."

If you think of how a long coal train is made from many trucks coupled together, that's what polymers are like. The trucks are the monomers and the entire train, made from lots of identical trucks, is the polymer.

Where a coal train might have a couple of dozen trucks, a polymer could be built from hundreds or even thousands of monomers.

In other words, polymers typically have very large and heavy molecules which when not recycled degrades super slow allowing the life of this killer to be long-lived.

Not like we needed to add more to the problem but plastic is starting to take a real toll on the ocean look at this based on what researchers called a mega expedition to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2015 there are suggestions that about 16 times more waste than what was previously thought is floating there. The mass of waste spans 617,763 square miles (1.6 million square km), about three times the size of France.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located about halfway between Hawaii and California. It’s the largest accumulation zone for ocean plastics on Earth.

It suggests that some 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing nearly 90,000 tons (80,000 metric tons) are currently floating in this area and it’s rapidly getting worse.

plastic floating in the ocean

However, using the metal straws you would never need to remember to recycle or have to worry if it actually gets recycled or not like we said that garbage patch does not need to get any bigger. To prevent the death of many and go green buy just switching to this stainless steel alternative.

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