Why Konjac Sponges Are The New Hype?

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Well first of all you're probably thinking, what is a konjac sponge

You may have seen them on Instagram or even read about them on the Elle beauty blog. 

If you haven't seen them before they look like this;

They are made of the root of a konjac plant which traditionally grows in east Asia and has been used to help clean babies as the sponge itself was soft and delicate enough to be used directly on the skin. They can be infused with all sorts of beneficial materials such as charcoal and aloe vera.

Konjac sponges with Charcoal has the benefits of ;

  • antibacterial properties
  • great exfoliate
  • cleanses the skin of oils and dirt
  • unclogs pores

Konjac sponges with Aloe vera has the benefits of;

  • fading any hyperpigmentation
  • moisturizes the skin
  • Reduces any infection or acne
  • reduces skin ageing

The konjac sponge itself looks just like a normal sponge yet is so much softer. When first bought they will feel super hard yet when placed under whatever it softens and is great for exfoliating the skin without it being so harsh that it ruins your skin.

What are some of the main benefits of konjac sponges?

It's a great, natural exfoliant.

The structure of the Konjac root creates a natural cleanser and removes any dirt, oil, makeup left on the skin. It gently unclogs pores even the most stubborn ones it's the only thing that effectively gets rid of blackheads without drying out the skin. It can be used by itself, or for a deeper clean apply your favourite cleanser to the sponge and work it in.

It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin

The fibres of the Konjac root are very water-absorbent, this means the fibres from the konjac do not directly touch your skin due to the fine texture of the sponge. The Japanese originally used Konjac root on babies as it was the only thing soft enough. Which we think says a lot about how soft and delicate they’re on the skin.

Promotes hydration and elasticity. 

The Konjac root is made up of  40% glucomannan, a natural moisturizer that is just like the hyaluronic acid in young skin. When Konjac is applied to the skin, it penetrates the first layer of the epidermis and draws hydration to the surface. This can help to fade the appearance of fine lines and the effects of ageing on the skin, restoring its natural lifting collagen. 

 It balances skin pH

The sponge is naturally an alkaline on the pH scale, which will balance out the acidity concentration of our skin, making ground for harmful bacteria inhabitable on the skin surface.

They Give You a Radiant Glow

The konjac sponge works to gently exfoliate your skin, getting rid of the dead skin cells, giving skin a smooth, glowy complexion. And the more you use the sponge, the more you will see the results. Just don't expect the crazy glowing skin you'd get from a peel or a really good facial. 

They Deep Clean in Just a Few Steps

To use, simply soak the sponge for about 10 to 20 minutes (if it's your first time using it), allowing it to expand and soften. Give the sponge a squeeze to release excess water and then add your go-to cleanser. From there, use the sponge to gently scrub your face in circular motions. Once cleansed and satisfied, rinse out the sponge and hang it to air-dry overnight.

They've Got a Shelf Life

Even though some sponges claim to be antibacterial, they're not self-cleaning. Rinse your konjac sponge after every use, and toss it after 2 months.

Different Coloured Konjac Sponges Are Different Active Ingredients

Konjac sponges come in a variety of colours. The colours are based on active ingredients. If the konjac sponge is dark grey, that means it contains charcoal. If it's green, it contains aloe vera. If it's white, there can be Kaolin clay.

They Can Be Used All Over the Body

Konjac sponges were invented by Japanese farmers and originally used to wash babies' skin because the sponge is so gentle and natural. Feel free to use the sponge all over your own body that may be acne-prone and need an extra deep cleanse.

They Can Be Composted

Because Konjac sponges are 100% biodegradable, they can be composted along with your veggie, fruit, and plant remains.

Why do we recommend you invest in a konjac sponge? 

Well first of all without even having to go buy a load of expensive creams that claim ‘this will make your skin look 5 times younger and 10 times smoother’ we can assure you your skin will look much more youthful and 10 times smoother.

This is because the konjac stimulates the production of cells on the surface of your skin which means that it tightens all your cells and uplifts the skin giving you that youthful look you’ve always wanted.

As for smoother skin, the konjac sponge is an exfoliant which by definition takes of any dead skin therefore making your skin smoother. However, surely you can just use a normal sponge right? Wrong normal sponges can really damage your skin by taking off some of the natural oils and stripping the skin back to far leading to redness and dryer skin in the end. 

Konjac sponge vs Normal sponge

  • Konjac sponges are much softer on the skin meanwhile a normal sponge can ruin your top layer of skin.
  • Konjac sponges last much longer unlike a normal sponge a konjac sponge is much stronger and so holds its shape and condition for a longer amount in time 
  • Konjac sponges may be more expensive at first however over a long period of time they last longer anyway as a normal sponge would deteriorate over time, therefore, end up being cheaper
  • Konjac sponges can be used on all skin types normal sponge are not delicate enough for sensitive skin.
  • Konjac sponges are antibacterial, therefore, they do not hold any of the bacteria, unlike a normal sponge where sponge holds bacteria from any makeup that has been removed previously.

How to use a konjac sponge?

Step 1: place the konjac sponge under hot water to soften

Step 2: add your favourite makeup remover or cleanser to the sponge

Step 3: rub in circular motions around the face to remove any dead skin

Step 4: Wash your face with water

Step 5: hang the sponge into an area where it can dry on both sides

 Konjac sponge for Body?

Yes, you can use this konjac sponge for your body its natural exfoliating skills will help nicely after shaving or before for a smoother shave that is rash-free. Just make sure to properly wash out the soap you've used to wash you body with and use a proper facial soap when washing your face. 

The Bottom Line: Konjac sponges are perfect for anyone with dry sensitive skin looking to brighten their skin. They can be used on all parts of the body. They have many benefits including being a natural exfoliant. These konjac sponges benefits out do the benefits of any old normal facial sponge. They're 100% compostable. Each different colour of konjac sponge has different benefits depending on what your skin type needs the most. So konjac sponges are worth the new hype as they are both cheaper and safer for your skin than the average facial sponge.

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