What are the benefits of using environmentally friendly floss?

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Ah, charcoal. The mysterious black fluid that, for good reason, darkens people's mouths all over the world!

Using a charcoal toothpaste is a great improvement if you're looking for gentle whitening, but without flossing as well, a top-notch oral care routine is not complete. And no, we're not talking about a popular dance routine, but we'll be impressed if you cut a rug while you're brushing it.

activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is, for good reason, heating the cosmetics industry. This detox powerhouse has adsorbent properties, from facial masks to charcoal toothpaste, meaning it attaches contaminants and other components to its porous surface to remove them.

It's clear to those in the health industry that this super ingredient is also used for mouth care as well. Activated charcoal can be more than a safe means of whitening and removing stains from your teeth.

  • Balancing the micro-bio oral system,
  • Acid elimination,
  • Avoiding cavities, and improving bad breath.

With all these amazing advantages, the natural next step for oral care is activated charcoal dental floss.

In general, flossing not only improves oral health efficacy, but activated charcoal floss clings to the plaque, preventing build-up where a toothbrush can not normally reach. Its stain-removing properties help to deeply clean certain areas between the teeth that are difficult to access. Plus, charcoal dental floss' natural black colour lets you see unwanted criminals (plaque and food debris) so that you can feel good about a job well done.

If you're still not sure whether you can make the move when your current roll runs out, here are three more advantages as to why the best addition to your everyday routine is activated charcoal dental floss.

About Activated Charcoal

The type of charcoal you'll find in dental and beauty products is activated charcoal. While charcoal could make you think about the bricks you use on your barbecue, on your teeth or skin, you wouldn't want to use that sort of charcoal.

When charcoal is heated with a gas, activated charcoal is made. This allows the charcoal to expand so that it creates pores. These pores are what help your teeth and skin eliminate contaminants and unnecessary substances.

For several years, people have used charcoal to brush their teeth. The Romans used charcoal to brush their teeth, and there was even charcoal powder in a 19th-century recipe for toothpaste. Over the last ten years or so, charcoal dental products have risen in popularity again, and they are especially fashionable right now.

How to use activated charcoal in your oral hygiene.

They will give you some advantages if you choose to use charcoal toothpaste, tooth powder, floss or another charcoal dental product. There are different choices available, many of which also have other valuable ingredients or leave out ingredients that may not be available to you e.g. fluoride  

However, you can make sure that you are also using daily fluoride toothpaste if you realize you are susceptible to tooth decay. Getting dental products that compliment your charcoal products is also beneficial.

Our range of charcoal-themed items is suitable for use with activated toothpaste charcoal and other teeth charcoal products. We have a toothbrush, dental floss and tongue cleaner that will help you get the most out of your range of activated charcoal products.

Immunity boosting

Gum wellbeing, like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, is one of the main ways to minimize the risk of chronic health conditions.

This is because, through our gums, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and damage the inner lining of blood vessels, making us more vulnerable to infections and disease.

You indulge in the adsorption powers of charcoal and remove bad bacteria and toxins from the gums by using activated charcoal floss, adding to your better wellbeing.

It then has the potential to absorb stuff in the body as the charcoal becomes porous. Normally, in an emergency situation, you would see this sort of charcoal used, such as someone taking too many drugs and offering the charcoal.

Then the charcoal absorbs and binds to whatever drug has been taken. But now, activated charcoal can be used in a number of juices because of its health benefits.

With activated charcoal, you can find that these juices can do wonders for the body, such as helping you to cleanse, get rid of a hangover or improve the immune system.

Safe to use

Well, a small amount of activated charcoal is fine, so the amount that will be used when flossing with activated charcoal products, for example, or if you have a toothbrush that has bristles flavoured with charcoal, that's fine.

Activated charcoal has been (and continues to be) a pillar of the medical industry for many years as an important method in handling the ingestion of poison.

Today, to help minimize bloating and even get rid of the pesky hangover, you will find over-the-counter charcoal supplements. This strong detoxifying agent, made without harmful chemicals, fluorides, or artificial ingredients, is healthy both internally and topically.

Zero-Waste Worthy

It is a no-brainer to use only the most natural ingredients and products to care for the health of your mouth and body. Thus, the same steps are taken to take care of the environment. Waxed nylon dental floss, a standard brand, can take between 50 and 80 years to decompose, and the plastic container does not even include that.

Not only that but depending on where the floss ends up, it could impact marine life or contribute to the growing amount of landfill waste.

Switching to bamboo-based floss is free of preservatives and harmful wax, which is good for you. 

Plus, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing commodities on Earth and takes considerably less time to decompose than conventional, environmentally friendly plastic or floss. After all those impressive advantages, it is obvious that the willow trader's activated charcoal-infused floss is the next awesome product to add to your beauty routine.

Our Brilliant Black bamboo charcoal floss is not only 100% biodegradable, but it also contains organic peppermint and spearmint essential oils with good antiviral and antibacterial properties to further destroy bad germs and alleviate gum or mouth pain, from the floss to the packaging.

When you choose activated charcoal floss, make the complete conversion to better health, inside and out, part of the oral and hygiene range that also includes a charcoal bamboo toothbrush and activated charcoal toothpaste.

It's black so you can see the debris

When you first see charcoal dental floss, the one thing that leaps out at you is that it is visibly black. The darker colour helps you to see the food residue plaque that you extract from between your teeth.

The photo can turn some people off, but it will also make perfectly clear how effective a routine of zero-waste dental care can be.

Charcoal dental floss can also have whitening properties, much like charcoal toothpaste.

A gentle abrasive is a charcoal, so it can help remove surface stains on the teeth. Charcoal, rather than consuming particles, bind to toxins and odours.

Cheaper to use in the long run

Yes, a willow trader's charcoal dental floss is £ 4.50. With this being said, however, several plastic dental floss brands are growing.

It's much less detrimental to the environment, even though this one is on the higher price side.

This is a huge plus and you will not have to use as much of it. Altogether there are 30m of floss which will last anyone a long time and the fact that it is of a strong material it will be more effective than a regular floss there for you won't need to purchase it as often.

infographic on how to correctly floss

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