How Do Teeth Whitening Strips Work ?

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If you haven't heard of teeth whitening strips and want to know if they work read on

I'm sure you have seen the videos on Instagram or Facebook where some influencer puts on a teeth whitening strip and within 5-minutes their teeth go from yellow to a dazzling white. 

I mean come on it looks like they've just been to the dentist for a professional whitening job.

Well, I regret to inform you that as much as I wish it was real, it's not.

They've just coated their teeth in a peroxide which can be a harmful abrasive on your enamel which is what protects your teeth. They've either managed to edit a video very well or they simply just faked having yellow teeth. Either way, we know now that the teeth strips do not work within 5 minutes. 

That's not to say they don't work at all they just might take longer than 5-minutes to see results.

So what is it in teeth whitening strips that whiten your teeth?

Most teeth whitening strips brands such as Crest teeth whitening strips use a small amount of peroxide which can be effective yet also harmful used in small doses once or twice can be fine however to see a difference you would have to use many of these trips over a long period of time which can be damaging.

These 3D teeth whitening strips by the Willow Trader on the other hand user less abrasive form of whitening. Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate works as a very loose abrasive which just takes the layout of built-up yellow plaque off your teeth over time you might even suggest why can't I just put sodium bicarbonate in my toothpaste won't that do the trick.  

Unfortunately, no the reason they work within the structure is because of all the other active ingredients work to make the sodium bicarbonate react to turn the teeth whiter themselves. 

They also include a xanthan gum which works to stick to your teeth which allows for the sodium bicarbonate to take off plaque without damaging the rest of your enamel.

How long does it take to see results?

With anything that you want to last me all that take some time I'm from diets to lifestyle changes, we know that without making small changes in your life you can’t achieve results.

Which is just how these teeth whitening strips were you don't see results and less you make it consistent. For optimum results, we recommend you use these teeth strips every night for 2 weeks to see a big difference.

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We then recommend you give your teeth a break perhaps a week or two and then you can go back to using them consistently again to see extra results in gaining your Hollywood smile you've always desired.

But remember because these are all-natural teeth whitening strips that means they will give you natural white dazzling teeth which aren't supposed to be extremely white it's just not how teeth are supposed to look. As for the models you see in adverts remember there is such a thing as Photoshop and veneers.

Can Teeth whitening strips affect your health?

I can quite confidently assure you that the health of your teeth won’t change when using these strips. The sodium bicarbonate is gentle enough to not affect any of your gums or your enamel layer.

Here is a video which shows just how much these teeth whitening strips can change your appearance towards your peers.

Its the story of Steve and how his teeth went from yellow and stained to dazzling white Hollywood smile. 

Are these teeth strips safe? 

Yes, because we only use natural ingredients these strips will not harm your teeth don't worry. We use sodium bicarbonate which is a natural ingredient which you may be familiar with already it is used in baking. The preservatives within these strips are also natural.  

Should I use whitening strips before or after brushing?

We recommend you brush your teeth before you use whitening strips because plaque, bacteria and bits of food can be trapped between the strip and your teeth. Which makes it more likely that you will experience tooth decay or other dental problems even if you didn't use the strips. 

As well as this, if there is plaque or bacteria on your teeth, it’s more difficult for whitening strips to do their job and keep stuck onto the teeth and in some cases may make the whitening agents can become completely ineffective.

However, you should not brush your teeth straight before you apply the whitening strips as they can sometimes irritate your gums and make the surface difficult to stick to. Instead, wait at least half an hour after brushing your teeth to apply whitening strips.

If you see any of the gel left on your teeth after removing the whitening strips, you can brush immediately after removing the strips with either just water or toothpaste. Doing this will not harm your teeth.

Of course, you should always continue brushing twice a day while routinely using whitening strips so that your teeth will remain in a healthy condition and will keep the maintenance of the whitening place.

What other whitening products can I use along with the strips?

As well as whitening strips we also have an all-natural charcoal toothpaste, a natural dental floss as well as a charcoal toothbrushes.

The charcoal toothpaste is made with natural ingredients and charcoal itself is a whitening agent and works very similar to the sodium bicarbonate. So using this toothpaste as well as the strips can only make your teeth more white.

The sames for the toothbrushes and the dental floss not only will they both give your teeth the much needed detox and cleanse they need they will also keep you breath smelling minty fresh.

 What you should do whilst using these strips:

  • Maintain Your Oral Health: Firstly, it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene after your teeth whitening strategy. Brush and floss your teeth at least 2 times a day. You can also use a charcoal toothpaste to keep our teeth in good health.
  • Try to Use a Straw: While drinking drinks that tend to stain like red wine or coffee your teeth. If however you do drink any of these drinks, you should at the very least rinse your mouth after consuming such beverages.
  • Make Sure you still See your Dentist: It’s always good to book dental appointments in a regular period. This will help you maintain your white teeth as well as maintain your oral health.
  • Use a Good Toothpaste: If you going as far as to keep your teeth white then its best to use a good toothpaste as well to make sure all the products are using are giving you optimum results.
  • Follow Instructions: Keeping your whitening strips on longer than recommended can hurt your gums or cause unattractive white blotches on your teeth. Follow the instructions given in the pack to maintain a healthy and bright smile since keeping the strip on for longer does not make a positive difference in our teeth.

Teeth Whitening strip results can show your teeth being 4 times whiter then they started out as. However, to achieve these results make sure to keep them on for optimum amounts of time recommended and where them consistently twice a week.

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